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Victoria Larsen excels in modeling and masters business acumen

The fashion model based in Dubai exudes her passion for all she does in her career and life.

It may take years for people to build their careers from scratch, and a few others may start establishing a significant footing in their chosen sectors from a very young age. Ever wondered what could be the reasons that might have helped people from the latter category to catapult to massive success at a very young age? Well, there are a myriad of reasons; however, one cannot deny the immense love and commitment these individuals showcase while working toward their goals.

“In the end, it’s not about how quickly you reach success; it is about how consistent you remain in your journey to tick off boxes of your visions,” says a self-made success story in the world of modeling and entertainment; we are talking about fashion model Victoria Larsen, a Dubai-based young talent.

She says that when she professionally started her journey as a model at 18 years old, she had no idea of how far she would reach in her journey but was confident of the skills and experiences she would gain to better herself as a model and actress. Today, when she has come this far with tons of brand shoots and magazine covers attaining a national and global name, she attributes it to her unwavering visions and her quest to keep learning new things to implement in her work.

“Another important thing which I believe has helped me take swift steps ahead in my career has been my resilience and my ability to walk in trends of the fashion world and the industry as a whole,” she shares.

Today, the Denmark-born talent who has made Dubai her home has showcased her talents beyond modeling and acting as she wants to step forward in the business world. She is studying communications and rhetorical studies with a minor in real estate, taking inspiration from her entrepreneur mother.

Victoria Larsen believes in learning new things and gaining more knowledge because she believes that real power dwells in education. Her public speaking skills, love for mankind, love for animals, love for travel, love for fitness as a trained anti-gravity instructor, passion for sports like hockey, skiing, tennis, horse riding, and more, love for acting and modeling and most importantly her love for continuous learning has made her a phenomenal talent, who is now an unstoppable young force.

Still, Victoria Larsen believes she has just begun.

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