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About Me

Victoria Larsen 



21-year old Victoria Larsen was born ( 8 Sept 2002)  in the charming city of Roskilde, Denmark to her Danish father Henrik larsen and her Anglo Indian mother Nicole Rodrigues of spanish and Filipino decent . She has a younger brother Victor Laren who studies in Babson college , Boston. She is passionate about embracing the elegance that her Danish roots bring to the table. Her core belief revolves around the potential of children as the future of the world, driving her commitment to philanthropy and service to mankind. Beyond that, she is a sports enthusiast, engaging in activities like tennis, field hockey, netball, swimming, aerial yoga, polo, and diving. Maintaining fitness and adopting a clean lifestyle is her way of seamlessly adapting to the diverse environments she finds herself in. Victoria enjoyed a multicultural upbringing across several nations having lived in vibrant cities like Copenhagen, Cheltenham, Dubai, Mumbai, and New York, she has developed a love for travel and a deep appreciation for various cultures. Education has been a pivotal factor in her educational journey has taken her through institutions such as Syracuse University, the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, the Danish Institute of Study Abroad, Copenhagen University, the American School of Dubai, and Cheltenham College in the United Kingdom. Her interests are as diverse as her experiences. From public speaking and fundraising for Diva Development to actively participating in management and job creation through Diva Talents, she is always seeking ways to make a positive impact.Victorias path from a young girl raised in diverse cultural landscapes to a revered beauty queen is undeniably inspirational. Her unwavering resolve, coupled with her academic achievements and modeling expertise, has propelled her to remarkable heights. As she forges ahead in her journey within the realm of pageantry, there is no doubt that Victoria’s tale of success will stand as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring models and beauty queens worldwide. Her authenticity and commitment to natural beauty further contribute to her appeal as a role model in the world of fashion and beauty.

Her ventures in the modeling world have led her to collaborate with prestigious names like Vogue, Loffiel , Amato Furne, and Michael Cinco. Recognized for her excellence, she has earned distinctions such as Lamda Drama and a coveted spot on the Dean's List. Engaging in networks like the Women's Network in Syracuse, YPO, animal rescue in the UAE, and community service at elderly homes in Cheltenham, she extends her philanthropic spirit globally.

Her travels have taken her through the nooks and crannies of Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and the Americas. From Denmark to India, Seychelles to Australia, and everywhere in between, she has embraced the beauty and diversity our world has to offer.

Victoria Larsen is more than just a woman of beauty. She is a global citizen, a philanthropist, and a model, on a journey dedicated to making a positive impact and embracing the richness that our world brings.

Her core belief revolves around women's empowerment and homelessness. She plans to focus her charity efforts on homeless  in Denmark, creating fundraisers to provide them with hygiene materials and clean water, and visiting the homeless shelters to offer support.






“My true ambition is deeply rooted in my commitment to making a meaningful and lasting impact on the world. Beyond the pursuit of the Miss Supranational crown, my aspirations lie in leveraging my platform, skills, and experiences to contribute to positive change.

I am passionate about addressing global issues, particularly in the realms of environmental sustainability and homelessness. My ambition is to work towards creating tangible solutions, raising awareness, and inspiring others to join the collective effort to make a difference.

Additionally, I envision a future where empowerment and education are accessible to all. Whether through philanthropy, community initiatives, or collaboration with international organizations, my goal is to play a role in creating a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.”


“Addressing homelessness, particularly for women, involves leveraging my real estate knowledge and collaborating with NGOs. Planning and raising funds for sustainable housing solutions will be a priority. Skill development programs will empower women to enhance their economic independence. By working towards tangible solutions, raising awareness, and inspiring collective action, I aim to contribute to eradicating homelessness globally.”


“As a woman, I aspire to be a catalyst for change, breaking barriers and challenging societal norms. My ambition extends beyond personal success to fostering a culture of inclusivity, resilience, and empowerment. My ambition is also to be a positive force for change, contributing to a world that embraces diversity, equality, and compassion. I am excited about the journey ahead, where my ambitions align with creating a better, more compassionate world for all.”

“I’m more than thrilled to represent my country Denmark at this year’s Miss Supranational 2024 contest! I can’t wait to visit Poland & experience and learn all about the country and the culture!” says Victoria Larsen.



The Miss Denmark Organization is pleased to announce the appointment of Victoria Larsen as Miss Supranational Denmark 2024. Victoria will proudly represent Denmark at the prestigious Miss Supranational 2024 contest, one of the world's leading beauty pageants, slated to take place this summer in Poland.

Early life
Victoria was born in Roskilde, Denmark to entrepreneur Nicole Rodrigues of Diva Dubai & Diva Group of Companies and Henrik Larsen. Her mother is Indian and a former model. Her father is Danish from Denmark.  Larsen has one younger sibling, a brother, Victor Larsen. She studied at Emirates International and in 2013 moved to Cheltenham College in United Kingdom where she was captain of the hockey team as well as a competitive tennis player .In 2019 she returned back to Dubai to join American school of Dubai to complete her school.  
Following high school, she moves to New York City, to focus on her studies and her modeling career. Larsen has a keen interest in Business studies.   


2019–2020: Early work
Larsen has featured on the cover of several magazines locally and internationally from L ’Official Arabia, Pump style, Moevir, Goji, Prime, Teen Cruz, MALVIE , Never Magazine, Osama, Edith, Luxia, Basic magazine, Salyse , SAINTEIGHT, AGARIMO, GMARO, Chovain, Elegant etc. and modelled for several designers and Jeweler brands locally. 
She has worked with several top Photographers like Daryl Patni, Veronica Vera Hobson, Hussain Jain, Nasir Rauf , Olga, Anastasia Panjinskaya along and HMUA like Jojo, Naila etc Olga Hadid appeared for designers like Michael Cinco, Amato Furne and many more.[33]
She loves animals and is an avid horse rider. Her closest pet Nala a Persian cat is often seen around her. Presently living in palm Jumeriah, Victoria is often spotted on the beach running. 



Victoria Larsen: An Astute Leader in Progress

“Entrepreneurship is a way of life”, believes Victoria Larsen. Victoria is a model, actress and is perusing Business Studies. Being born to a successful Indian Entrepreneur mother Nicole Rodrigues and Danish father Henrik Larsen, Victoria values attributes such as honesty, passion, determination, and confidence. Since her family has multiple businesses, currently, she is contributing in the different businesses and experiencing the day to day activities and creative ways around them.

Being born a roman catholic to parents who believe in being a good person more than ritual cultural beliefs has helped Victoria develop with quiet a broad mind. Having the value system from the east and the exposure of the west gives her a great advantage. She enjoys sports a lot from the likes of tennis, swimming and many more extreme sports. She also enjoys the arts and is an avid dramatics student with a keen academic influence that makes her well rounded. Victoria is a strong believer of manifestation and believes that everyone creates their own barriers and their own opportunities, as complain and blame games lead nowhere in life.

Victoria is of the opinion that an entrepreneurial mindset is a set of skills that enable people to identify and make the most of opportunities, overcome and learn from setbacks, and succeed in a variety of settings. It is a way of thinking that enables every individual to overcome challenges, be decisive, and accept responsibility for their outcomes. It is a constant need to improve their skills, learn from their mistakes, and take continuous action on their ideas.

An Avid Learner & Observer

Victoria believes that this great big world is an oyster for today’s generation to be creative yet responsible. She believes that having a strong sense of accepting all types of people with zero expectation gives a good head start to being able to focus on adding value instead of making judgements. Having a keen interest in the arts and business gives her a sure shot advantage. Presently, she is aggressively working on learning all she can and being accommodating to new suggestions and ideas, which helps her in instilling the rules of life and business. She spends a lot of time around key individuals in the business world and diplomatic arena, and shadows her mother. Being in the midst of her development years, she feels that the right attitude of humility, kindness and obedience is the first step to one day hopefully becoming a great leader in her arena. From the greatest rulers to the mere garbage man, everyone has something to teach. As they say it takes a whole village to bring up a child.

Victoria emphasizes on being aware of self and surroundings. According to her, people around us act as mirror and going deep into managing one’s own emotions, random thoughts, and judgements are key factors. It takes prioritization of time, clarity of thoughts in a timely manner, and being responsible and respectful of other’s needs to maintain a balance. 

Constantly Developing

Currently, Victoria is working on building herself through small jobs in the media industry by meeting and working with creative minds in the industry. Managing her own development teaches her how to deal with people, negotiate, be responsible and deliver more than what she promises with the right attitude. She is constantly developing herself by fighting her own resistance or defiance.

Victoria opines that there are pros and cons to both establishing a company and building a new one from scratch. With establishing one’s own company, one has no boundaries of what one can try and make mistakes along the way with what one has great passion for. The disadvantage is that one’s chances of success are in the midst of very high competition. On the other hand scaling an already set business when everything is already set could be easy from the outside. The disadvantage is that one needs to constantly stick to the path and vision set which can curtail the youthful ideas however right or wrong and the risks and stakes are much higher.

Social Media is a Powerful Tool

Victoria asserts that for today’s generation social media is a powerful tool, as it is a platform where people from all over the world can connect and interact with each other. It has gained a lot of momentum in the past few years. As almost everyone have a smartphone with them, it becomes easier for them to use social networking sites. She is of the belief that everyone will have at least one account in any one of the social media websites. Students are also using social media extensively. While there is a general perception that students end up wasting lot of time in Social media, it can be used for many benefits. Learning & Networking, Expressing Creativity, Experience Global Exposure, Employment Opportunities, Social Media Marketing are some of the benefits they are gaining. Being fortunate to have travelled to all the continents on the planet has drastically helped Victoria in opening her mind to different races, cultures, lifestyles, religions and way of lives. She is very intrigued and attracted towards the Japanese way of life and can strongly relate to it.

Essential Attributes

It is quite evident that no one likes to do business with people who are arrogant, selfish, dismissive and egotistic and Victoria believes that any business venture is a reflection of the entrepreneur's personal values, attitudes, and beliefs which were instilled during growing up and is part of the upbringing. Entrepreneurship is not a values-free, amoral process. The very act of starting and building something of significance should require a consideration of values — of combining what is done with how it is done. There’s also a very practical reason for a values-based, morally rigorous view of entrepreneurship. That is usually the only viable way for an entrepreneur to do business in the long run.

According to Victoria, some of the essential attributes that every business leader should possess are:

Bravery: In recognizing and pursuing an opportunity, an entrepreneur requires bravery. Bravery, which springs from natural creativity and a determined spirit, helps the entrepreneur deal with discouragement and even defeat in the early stages of company formation.

Vision: Vision guides the entrepreneur through the business planning process, clarifying the opportunity and setting goals for the organization. It allows the entrepreneur to see past, his or her current position and beyond, and limited resources to more fully appreciate the potential of the venture.

Respect for self and others: Respect for one ’s self and others is essential. It enables every individual to appreciate his or her efforts, relate effectively to family and community, and motivate others. This respect, which stems from pride, hope, and enthusiasm, frees entrepreneurs from the obstacles of low self-esteem, hopelessness, and anger.

Trust: Trust is an indispensable part of the marketing effort as the company grows. Trust, which results from reliability, compassion, and gentleness, permits the entrepreneur to overcome mistrust, selfishness, and ruthlessness as the company deals with employees, customers, and vendors.

Honesty: An entrepreneur must be honest in financing the company and managing the assets of the firm. Honesty, which emanates from decisiveness in taking risks and making choices, lets the entrepreneur avoid false security and stay calm amid confusing situations.

Generosity: In directing the management and operations of a growing business, an entrepreneur should be generous. Generosity, which develops from supporting and leading others, permits an entrepreneur to eliminate racial bias, reduce resistance to change, and heal dysfunctions within the organization.

Fortitude: An entrepreneur requires fortitude to keep a business strong and eventually bring it to harvest. Fortitude, which stems from persistence, realism, and consistency, strengthens the entrepreneur against scattered thinking and giving up

Accept it & Progress

When asked about the opinion on current landscape of business given that the pandemic has been adversely affecting every industry, Victoria mentions that many situations bring opportunities along with it like more time to reflect & consider, speed and innovation, better and more efficient meetings, modesty & acceptance. Instead of resisting it, one needs to accept and be super creative. Each individual has their own distinct experience, and while some may suffer others may create their own opportunities and shine like a phoenix.

Taking into consideration that event industry is expecting a change due to the new normal and virtual events are on rise, Victoria asserts, “We humans always find a way around to connect and establish our creative ideas. There are changes and we adapt to them understanding the macro impact on mankind. It might slow us for a short period to help us develop other aspects of our ability to create more interactive events.”

Being an extremely positive and joyous personality and having the intact ability to enjoy her solitude, this period has helped Victoria better connect with her family and clearly jot out her future goals as individuals and family. Her way of life is going through some interesting times and changes. She plans to do her further studies in the US and is also looking at options in NYC and LA in Business.

Company Name: ASD School Dubai , Cheltenham College, Syracuse Univerisity New York 

Featured Person: Victoria Larsen

Quote: Our way of life is going through some very interesting times and changes ad instead of resisting it one needs to accept and be super creative.

Quote: Leadership is hard work and more of a role of service for the betterment of all

Quote: Hard work is doing what one resists and hates and the ability to fight one’s self is what is key to a great successful career and life.


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More about Victoria 

Victoria Larsen, crowned as Miss Supranational 2024, is a remarkable individual whose passions and talents extend far beyond the runway. Known for her drive and fearlessness, Victoria's zest for life propels her through every endeavor with unwavering determination.

With a spirit as brave as her heart, Victoria finds solace in the thrill of speed and the excitement of adventure. Whether she's exploring new destinations or diving into adrenaline-pumping activities, Victoria's love for traveling knows no bounds. Her adventurous spirit is complemented by a deep affection for animals, nurturing a tender connection with the creatures that share our planet.

Currently enrolled in a communications program at Syracuse University in New York, Victoria divides her time between Copenhagen, New York, and Dubai

Victoria is a genuine innovator, channeling her creative energy into photography. Since childhood, she has delighted in crafting clothes from paper, highlighting her distinct viewpoint and dedication to sustainability.

 However, her creativity extends beyond these realms—she possesses a profound sensitivity to energy and influence, transforming her visions into tangible realities. Additionally, Victoria demonstrates her compassion and warmth through her advocacy for the homeless, a mission she refers to as "sheltering souls."

Victoria's dedication extends to her work ethic, embodying the values of hard work and resilience. Hailing from a small country Denmark , she defies limitations and embraces challenges with a relentless pursuit of excellence. Her passion for learning and growth is evident in her avid reading habits, particularly in subjects like nutrition, positive psychology, and spirituality.

An advocate for holistic well-being, Victoria finds balance through activities like anti gravity yoga, hiking, and star gazing, reconnecting with nature and nurturing her soul. Her empathetic nature and high emotional intelligence make her a natural mediator, fostering harmony and understanding wherever she goes.

But perhaps most inspiring is Victoria's unwavering optimism and capacity for love. With a heart as vast as the ocean, she radiates positivity and brings prosperity wherever she treads. Grounded in gratitude and spirituality, she uplifts those around her, making them feel cherished and empowered.

 Victoria eagerly seized opportunities for cultural exchange and community involvement, actively engaging in diverse student organizations and volunteer programs. Motivated by her fervent dedication to social justice and international collaboration, she assumed leadership positions, championing positive transformations and nurturing cross-border connections. Additionally, she is a member of YPO's Young Professionals Organization

Victoria's thirst for knowledge and cultural enrichment extended beyond the classroom, as she embarked on numerous travel adventures around the world. From the bustling streets of Tokyo to the serene landscapes of Bali, Victoria immersed herself in different cultures, languages, and traditions, gaining valuable insights and forging lifelong friendships along the way.

Throughout her travels, Victoria developed a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature and the importance of environmental conservation. Inspired by the natural wonders she encountered, she became an advocate for sustainable living and eco-friendly practices, championing initiatives to protect the planet for future generations.

As Miss Supranational Denmark 2024, Victoria continues to embody the values of grace, intelligence, and compassion that define her character. With her crown as a platform for positive change, she strives to make a difference in the world, advocating for causes close to her heart and empowering others to pursue their dreams.

Victoria possesses exceptional listening skills and a rapid learning ability. She has a knack for making individuals feel valued and empowered, drawing upon her deep empathy and unwavering optimism. Victoria delights in culinary exploration and rigorous workouts, particularly weightlifting. Music is a significant part of her life, with a preference for tunes tuned to 432 Hz, believed to resonate with water, an element our bodies largely consist of. She naturally gravitates towards healing practices and enjoys engaging in games like chess and Minecraft. Raised in a tightly-knit family, Victoria finds solace in journaling to organize her thoughts and embraces mindfulness as a vital aspect of self-care.

Victoria's journey is a testament to her resilience, adaptability, and boundless spirit. Whether she's conquering the slopes skiing , engaging in deep conversations, or spreading joy with her infectious smile, Victoria Larsen embodies the true essence of a queen—graceful, powerful, and endlessly inspiring.

Modeling information
Height: 1.71 m 
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Agency: Diva Dubai (
Victoria Larsen (born September 8, 2002) is a fashion model who is signed to Diva Dubai  since 2015. She was named International Model of the Year and has made over 43 appearances on international magazine covers.






Follow Victoria’s journey on:

Victoria born in September 8 2002 
Born: Roskilde , Denmark 

September 8, 2002 (age 18)
Current residence: Dubai, United Arab Emirates 
Occupation: Model & Actress
Years active: 2018–present
Partner(s): Nil
Children: 0
Parent(s): Nicole Rodrigues & Henrik Larsen 
Relatives: Victor Larsen ( brother) 

About: About
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