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Victoria Larsen charts an outstanding success story

As a global fashion face and inspiring success story, she has ignited a fire within other budding talents and made them believe “everything is achievable.”

People often say the road to success is filled with innumerable roadblocks and challenges. While they are right, it is also a fact that this in no way means that achieving one’s desired success is impossible. Agreeing strongly with this is Victoria Larsen, who believes that success, no matter the age, background, or any other circumstance of an individual at any point in life, is possible and achievable only if one chooses to immerse oneself in the process of turning from ordinary to extraordinary and are up for a lot of hustle that definitely will propel them forward.

Who is Victoria Larsen, you wonder? This illuminating beauty and personality was born in Denmark and raised in Dubai. At only 21 years, an age when other youngsters spend time still figuring out things in their careers, Victoria, on the other hand, has already made quite a success story for herself.

“This is why I strongly believe age has nothing to do with success and accomplishments in life. Of course, there is cut-throat competition and saturation in almost all industries, but having vigor, confidence, passion, and perseverance can help individuals achieve what may feel unimaginable at the beginning,” shares the highly recognized international model, fashion icon, who is now aiming to make it big even in the world of business.

She further explains how, at 18 years, when she first stepped into the modeling realm professionally, she had never imagined the tremendous work she would get offered in a short span, working with the who’s who of the fashion world and for world-renowned brands and designers. This girl who did Communications and Rhetorical Studies at Syracuse University with a minor in Real Estate is also a growing actor, a passionate traveler, a public speaker, and much more.

Today, when she looks back, she realizes how destiny played a pivotal part in helping her study and gain more experiences while in New York and then making her return to Dubai to continue her streak as a fashion icon while also realizing her innate skills as an entrepreneur.

Victoria Larsen, popularly known as “Victoria Dubai,” calls Dubai her “Home” and has only one thing to say: “Home is where the heart is, and so Dubai is and will always be that beautiful part of my being.”

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