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Victoria Larsen and her never-ending love for Dubai, her home

New Delhi : This incredible model and actress has shone brighter with every project she has ever taken in her hands and proved her mettle, inspiring other budding models and artists.

Isn’t it incredible to learn about all those who believe in the power of their dreams, no matter how unattainable they may seem, and who put in rigorous efforts and hard work to go ahead and become influential figures in their chosen niches? What is even more incredible to notice here is how most of these individuals started with a dream at a very young age and left no stone unturned in getting closer to attaining it.

Female professionals, entrepreneurs, founders, leaders, and artists across the world have today become frontrunners in almost all industries, thanks to the vigor, tenacity, and passion with which they put in the work and never take any opportunity for granted. Who better than Victoria Larsen to serve as an example here?

This breathtakingly beautiful girl is all about her love for her craft and how she kept believing in her dreams, even when no one did. This strong self-belief that she could attain anything and everything in her career and life propelled her forward in modeling, entertainment, and even beyond.

Speaking more on her never-ending love for Dubai as she calls it her home, Victoria Larsen, also known as Victoria Dubai, says that she is half Danish and half Indian. She was born in Roskilde, Denmark, and moved to Dubai as a 6-month-old baby. As a 13-year-old, she went to a boarding school in Cheltenham for six years and then returned to Dubai to finish her studies.

At age 8, she fell in love with tennis and has remained passionate about various other sports as well. However, what she points out here is how Dubai as a place and her home has remained instrumental in making her the person and professional she is, inculcating in her the ideal values and giving her massive opportunities to prove her mettle, be it in sports or her career as a model and actress.

“Dubai may not be my birthplace, but it is a place that has given me life, a purpose, and incredible work, which I look forward to doing every single day. Dubai, indeed, is my home,” she signs off.

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