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Forbes Celebrity : Top 10 Influential People To Look Out For In 2024

Victoria Larsen turns heads as Miss Supranational Denmark 2024. She was born to a Danish father and an Anglo-Indian mother. The newly crowned at only 21 years of age boasts an impressive portfolio of achievements. Her diverse heritage has shaped her into a global citizen with unique perspectives and a charming personality. Her varied work experiences across New York and Dubai and travels to over 40 countries helped her gain innumerable experiences, reflecting her deep appreciation for cultural interconnectedness.

Academically, Victoria excels in communications and real estate studies at Syracuse University. Her holistic approach to life includes her passion for sports like skiing, tennis, yoga, and aerial yoga. Apart from her excellence as a shining pageant holder, becoming Miss Supranational Denmark in 2024, Victoria is also a philanthropist. She advocates for homelessness and works on several social welfare projects, such as women’s empowerment, orphan support, etc.

She is passionate, authentic, compassionate, resilient, and empathetic and committed to making a positive societal impact.


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