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Victoria Team : Pioneers of Resilience and Innovation for Miss Supranational 2024

Malaposka, Poland – April 15, 2024 – As the world gears up for the Miss Supranational 2024 pageant, Denmark’s Victoria Team emerges as a beacon of resilience and innovation, s

etting unprecedented standards in pageant preparation. With a distinguished lineup of trainers and coaches, the Victoria Team exemplifies excellence, creativity, and unwavering dedication.

At the helm of this powerhouse team is National Director Lisa Lents CEO and Creative Director Nicole Rodrigues, whose visionary leadership sets the tone for Denmark’s journey to the crown. Supported by seasoned choreographer and professional dancer Mai-Britt Catrine, with a remarkable career spanning 28 years and collaborations with icons such as Whitney Houston and Nelly Furtado, the team embodies a spirit of discipline and artistry.

One of the cornerstones of Victoria Team’s success is the renowned pageant Q&A coach, Jimmy, founder of “A Queen’s Conversation.” With almost four decades of experience and a track record of shaping pageant royalty, Jimmy’s no-nonsense style and creative approach have propelled numerous Miss USA finalists to success, including the recent Miss America crown.

The team’s international flair is further elevated by Alesia Raut, a luminary in Indian fashion and runway training. Alesia’s two-decade journey encompasses supermodel status, ramp walk training, and acting, culminating in her role as an influential figure in the Indian fashion industry.

Fashion Director Rocky S brings a fusion of Indian-inspired designs and global influence, having showcased his creations on prestigious platforms like London and Milan Fashion Week. Rocky S’s journey from humble beginnings to dressing global icons like Beyoncé reflects the resilience and tenacity that define Victoria Team’s ethos.

Runway Coach Anea Rasch, a former Miss Grand International, embodies resilience and courage, inspiring women worldwide to pursue their dreams fearlessly. Meanwhile, Thom Brodeur, a titan in the fashion and beauty industry, lends his expertise in branding and strategy, further enhancing Denmark’s competitive edge.

With Victoria Team’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovative approach to pageant preparation, Denmark’s representative stands poised to captivate audiences and judges alike at Miss Supranational 2024. Stay tuned as Denmark’s journey unfolds, setting new benchmarks for success on the global stage.

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