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Victoria Larsen wishes to spread her wings beyond modeling and acting

Victoria Larsen

She is pursuing Communications and Rhetorical Studies with a minor in Real Estate at Syracuse University. 

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The world has witnessed the rise of several talented beings across sectors who have, with time, shown their brilliance in getting into varied niches and multitasking, eventually propelling themselves forward as inspirational figures in their chosen industries. Among these, a few professionals have stood unique for reasons more than one. One of the most significant reasons that have helped a few stand apart is the young age at which they start and soon excel in their chosen sectors.


One such success story of a youngster that instantaneously caught everyone’s attention in recent years was of Victoria Larsen, a Dubai-based model, and actress who, over the last few years, has dived deep into all that she has chosen to be a part of in her career. Starting her career in modeling as a teenager to now reaching a position that can ignite the fire within other young girls, the Denmark-born, half Danish and half Indian, who grew up between Europe, America, the Middle East, and Asia has come a long way in her career as a 21-year-old.

She believes in grabbing every opportunity presented to her and says that people also need to create opportunities for themselves and not just wait for the right ones to knock on their door. She did precisely that when she decided to spread her wings and do much more beyond modeling and acting.

She is studying communication and want to go into media and marketing. She was born to a successful Indian entrepreneur mother, Nicole Rodrigues, and a Danish father, Henrik Larsen, so becoming inclined towards business studies did not surprise her.

She wants to dive deeper into the entrepreneurial world after studying Business Studies. She is looking forward to completing her minor in real estate to diversify and become a success story even in the business world.

Victoria Larsen emphasizes the importance of education and wants everyone to keep learning new things to put a more significant foot forward towards success.

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