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Victoria Larsen appointed to represent Denmark at Miss Supranational 2024

The Miss Denmark Organization has officially announced the appointment of Victoria Larsen as Miss Supranational Denmark 2024.

Victoria will proudly represent her country at the prestigious Miss Supranational 2024 competition, expected to take place this summer in Poland.

The 21-year-old was born in the charming city of Roskilde, Denmark, and is passionate about embracing the elegance that her Danish roots bring to the table. 

Her core belief revolves around the potential of children as the future of the world, driving her commitment to philanthropy and service to mankind. Beyond that, she is a sports enthusiast, engaging in activities like tennis, field hockey, netball, swimming, aerial yoga, polo, and diving. Maintaining fitness and adopting a clean lifestyle is her way of seamlessly adapting to the diverse environments she finds herself in.

Having lived in vibrant cities like Copenhagen, Cheltenham, Dubai, Mumbai, and New York, she has developed a love for travel and a deep appreciation for various cultures. Her educational journey has taken her through institutions such as Syracuse University, the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, the Danish Institute of Study Abroad, Copenhagen University, the American School of Dubai, and Cheltenham College in the United Kingdom.

Victoria's interests are as diverse as her experiences. From public speaking and fundraising for Diva Development to actively participating in management and job creation through Diva Talents, she is always seeking ways to make a positive impact.

Venturing into the modeling world has led her to collaborate with prestigious names like Vogue, Amato Furne, and Michael Cinco. Recognized for her excellence, she has earned distinctions such as Lamda Drama and a coveted spot on the Dean's List. Engaging in networks like the Women's Network in Syracuse, YPO, animal rescue in the UAE, and community service at elderly homes in Cheltenham, she extends her philanthropic spirit globally.

Her travels have taken her through the nooks and crannies of Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and the Americas. From Denmark to India, Seychelles to Australia, and everywhere in between, she has embraced the beauty and diversity the world has to offer.

Victoria Larsen is more than just a woman of beauty. She is a global citizen, a philanthropist, and a model, on a journey dedicated to making a positive impact and embracing the richness that our world brings.

A strong advocate for women's empowerment and homelessness, she plans to focus her charity efforts on homeless women in Denmark, creating fundraisers to provide them with hygiene materials and clean water, and visiting the homeless shelters to offer support.

“Victoria Larsen embodies the true essence of a Miss Supranational representative — she is not only exceptionally beautiful inside and out, but also exudes qualities of humility, aspiration, ambition, and empathy. Victoria's diverse skill set, including her modeling experience, educational background, philanthropic endeavors, and extensive international exposure, positions her as a strong contender in the international pageant arena. When we first scouted Victoria, there was no doubt that she would be a strong representative for Denmark. Over the next six months, we will spare no effort in preparing Victoria for the spectacular Miss Supranational Contest,” says Lisa Lents, CEO of the Miss Denmark Organization.

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