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Miss Supranational Denmark 2024 Victoria Larsen Killed The Runway At The Rocky Star’s Fashion show

Miss Supranational Denmark 2024 Victoria Larsen made everyone’s jaw-dropped at this year’s London Fashion Week. The Danish beauty shows her grace as The Rocky Star’s show opener at the Fashion Week. The much-anticipated fashion event took place on the 19th of February 2024 at 7 PM. Larsen’s groundbreaking partnership with Rocky Star on their exquisite “Moonlight Enigma” Autumn/Winter 24/25 collection made everyone’s heads turn. Conquering the hearts of every guest including Larsen herself this event created a remarkable spark in the brand’s name. Victoria, who won the prestigious crown, looked like a goddess in the stunning black dress of Rocky. The gorgeous model has been the talk of the town for her enchanting presence and heartwarming charities. As per the reaction to the show, it isn’t hard to say that this young woman still has a lot to add to her plate. Enhancing the glamour of the Rocky Star even more the diva as the show opener was nothing but marvelous.

Victoria Larsen’s path to success

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